The Picture Post

This post will consist almost entirely of pictures of the objects created during the past year while using my Shapeways Education Grant. Check out my summary post for more words…

The 3 by 3 Rook’s Graph

The 4 by 4 Rook’s Graph

The Shrikhande Graph modeled to look like the 4 by 4 Rook’s Graph

The “Drum” Shrikhande Graph

The “Playground” Shrikhande Graph

The “Straight Edge” Shrikhande Graph

NOTE: The four different-looking versions of the Shrikhande Graph above are all isomorphic!

A book embedding of K5

The Perko Pair on a Praxinoscope

Thanks for reading,

Jonathan Gerhard

About jonathangerhard

I got my BS in mathematics in 2017 from James Madison University and attended a Pure Math PhD program at the University of Michigan as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow until 2020 when I came home to help my nephews with online learning. I started this blog because I love math!
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