My name is Jonathan Gerhard and I just graduated with a BS in mathematics from James Madison University. Beginning in Fall 2017, I will be pursuing a PhD in mathematics at the University of Michigan. I’ve been fortunate enough in my undergraduate career to have been able to travel to many places and see a lot of mathematics. And in the process, I’ve developed such a love for mathematics that I wanted to share, so I thought creating a blog would be a good way to do that.

The title of the blog, Mathematical ADD, comes from John Voight, whom I met at a summer school for number theory in Connecticut this past summer (2016). On top of being an incredible and energetic speaker, he is also very personable. When I asked him what his research interests were, he told me, quite excitedly, that he had a major case of “Mathematical ADD,” and went on to explain his many interests. I loved this idea so much and thought it quite fitting to my situation, that I decided to use it as the title of my blog.